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I followed the directions here:

NTFS-3G via Homebrew installation

If you have [Homebrew][5], installing NTFS support is as easy as running the following in a terminal:

brew install ntfs-3g

Then, follow the instructions on the screen. Homebrew will tell you how to replace the default OS X automounter so external NTFS drives are mounted using the new driver. Those are a couple of commands you need to run through your terminal.

And it worked perfectly at first, but a couple days later now and when I insert a USB drive that worked before, it is mounting as read-only.

How can I get NTFS-3g working again? I tried reinstalling the homebrew, but it stated that it was already installed and did nothing. Should I uninstall and reinstall, if so, how do you uninstall a homebrew item?

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You can try brew remove ntfs-3g and then install again. No need to completely remove Homebrew though. Make sure you follow the instructions where you have to copy a file over—this is needed to have OS X automatically mount drives in write-mode. –  slhck May 15 '13 at 7:13
Yeah, I don't have the instructions anymore, perhaps that would be sufficient, but lacking that, I will remove and reinstall to get the instructions again. –  WilliamKF May 15 '13 at 17:10
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