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I am a Flash Player developer, and have to debug my applications in Safari browser (not just standalone), for which I install and run the debugger version of Flash Player, as opposed to the usual regular ("release") Flash Player most people install and use. However, I also use the computer in my free time, and don't want the overhead of running the debugger player with all its features in Safari on my free time, and would rather use the version most other folks use. I think the reasons are valid - less overhead (it's a laptop, and the web is riddled with Flash Player stuff, and I don't want the hassle of running another Flash Block plugin), release player having more customers will always see more maintenance, updates, and bug fixing - generally more attention is payed to it. Also, I get to actually test my applications as other people will experience them. So, in a way, testing with regular player is part of debugging ;-)

Currently, I only found that one has the Flash Player.plugin file in Safari plugins directory, I guess I could have written a script to switch the files between debugger and release player. This would still be a hack though, since Adobe only supplies the "hello regular user!" Adobe Flash Player installation packaged inside a disk image file.

However, I am wondering, how many other developers are in the same situation as me? This is really common pattern of computer use for us, is it not? With all its resources, Adobe didn't invent a simple preference for us? Some way to switch the players seamlessly?

Anyway, does anybody know of a good way to do this? For example, alternative Safari startup file, which will start it using debugger player. I would like to also avoid writing to filesystem for the procedure, something I would have to do if I had to copy proper plugin file to the plugins directory prior to launching Safari.

My primary browser is Safari, I need to be able to test my apps with it. Firefox and the rest are second priority.

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