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Is there any way i can hide irrelevant languages in Wikipedia in Forefox browser? I want to hide everything except English and Ukrainian for instance so i do not have to scroll on every page up and down every time i need to switch language of an article.

Edit: I know there is an extension for Chrome "Wikipedia Hide Languages" which does what i want, i want something similar for Firefox.

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It's very easy to do it with Stylish

Create a new style for the wikipedia.org domain with the following content

  #p-lang > div > ul > li {display:none !important}

  #p-lang > div > ul > li.interwiki-en,
  #p-lang > div > ul > li.interwiki-uk {display:block !important}
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Thanks for the tip. And thanks for indirectly reminding me of Greasemonkey. That's where i actually found the exact solution to the problem. This Greasemonkey script: Wikipedia rearrange other languages hides irrelevant languages in Firefox. –  RusI May 23 '13 at 5:40

I'm using a user script to move the languages that are important for me to the top. This will work for any browser, as long as you are logged in on Wikipedia. But it works only for a specific Wikipedia, if you wanted it to work on multiple Wikipedias, you would need to set it up on each of them.

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That's something in the right direction. Good thing this is a "server-side" tweak and can be used with any browser. Bad thing - it has to be setup on every regional wikipedia separately. That is where i stumbled. I managed to get it working on English language wiki, but i failed to set it up on Russian language wiki. Maybe it has to do with translations, for instance importScript('User:Somebody/script.js') requires translation of the word "User" into Russian language. –  RusI May 16 '13 at 10:29
@RusI I believe it doesn't require translation, but it does require that the script exists on that wiki. So, if you want to use it on a wiki where it doesn't exist, you need to copy it there. –  svick May 16 '13 at 11:59

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