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I have dual system on my laptop, one Windows 7 and one Fedora 18, and I want to access linux partition under windows. As there are no BtrFS driver support in windows, somebody suggests me to work like this:

  1. install an virtual machine on windows
  2. install an lightweight linux on virtual machine
  3. some virtualization software allows forwarding host partition to guest. Forward the host linux partition to guest linux and mount it.
  4. expose that partition by SAMBA server in the guest linux.
  5. mount it on host as a network partition

It seems the free VirtualBox cannot do that. I wonder if there are any virtulization software can do that?

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If I'm reading it right, you're trying to access your LINUX partitions as data drives from Windows 7, and if that is your goal, the ExtFS project provides a Windows driver to accomplish exactly that.

It is free, widely used and I've personally relied on it for its reliability.

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