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I use the mouse in its left-handed setting, on Windows. However, I often have to collaborate hands-on with someone else in my computer, and I'd prefer to use the right-handed setting in those occasions.

Going trough the Control Panel, finding the correct item, and then performing the change is a quite tedious routine.

Is there an instantaneous way (graphical or not) to toggle said setting?

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Buy a Logitech G300. They can support 3 different profiles. Each profile can have buttons assigned to mean anything you want. Switch between profiles by using the mode button. – Zoredache May 16 '13 at 9:09

By installing IntelliType, then by pressing this keyboard combination:

Windows Logo+I: Opens Mouse Properties dialog box

This above procedure can only be done if you have a Microsoft Keyboard.

Here is a link to all the keyboard and mouse shortcuts for Microsoft.

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