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I have the following problem. I have a Applian video suite update that works well under Windows 8 when installed. Then if I close down the computer, and then restart/boot, 4 of the video programs do not work unless I remove them and re-install. I have been in computers for many years and this is the first time I have run into the problem of a boot causing working programs not to work. When one attempts to run any of the 4 elements of the suite, a message is displayed saying (and I translate from the French - I live in France) "Windows is not able to access the unit, the routing or the file specified. You may not have the appropriate authorisations to have access to the element." I note that I have checked that I have given administrator rights when launching any of the 4 programs. I also note that clicking on the tiles relevant to these 4 programs (they remain visible after boot) do not give any result . The icones on the computer launch screen (i.e. not the tiles) stop being multicoloured and become white and grey. Applian is trying to find out what is happening. Anybody else have ideas or solutions? Thanks in advance

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Try to use ProcessMonitor (from technet) to determine what module is not found? It may be some dll or .net assembly which is not accessible after restart. – Maximus May 16 '13 at 11:34
Sounds like a driver problem. You will need to wait for Applian to figure out whats wrong with THEIR software. – Ramhound May 16 '13 at 11:41

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