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I have to make a transcription (audio to text dictation) and have to constantly alternate between SPACE (Play/Pause in Foobar2000) and ALT-TAB (switch between Foobar and MSOffice).

I want to be able to set a new keyboard shortcut instead/beside ALT-TAB (e.g. ALT-X) closer to the other key I use. I use the keyboard only for these SPACE and ALT-TAB but the space and difference between them distracts me from the task of listening and dictating.

Ideally, I would prefer to use a single key to cycle windows, but that is maybe more complicated. (For example to use Alt Gr).

I want to be able to disable this feature easily as soon as I stop the job of transcription.

Also, I want something that should not need Aero (please, don't ask why).

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Why not just create a new global hotkey in Foobar2000 to play/pause and skip switching applications altogether?

enter image description here

This would allow you to hit Ctrl+Alt+Space (or even simpler: AltGr+Space) anywhere in Windows.

To seek back and ahead in Foobar, add Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right for 1, 5, or 10 secs etc, as you please.

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Excellent! Ctrl+Alt+Space it's in fact ALTGR-SPACE. the idea is so good that i can add other such keys for foobar for seeking. Again, Foobar2000 is superb. – cipricus May 16 '13 at 11:03
@cipricus: You can use any hotkey you like. I just picked Ctrl+Alt+Space as an example. (And now I see that you probably know that already ;D) – Oliver Salzburg May 16 '13 at 11:18
xmplay can be used in the same way - although the number of secs to jump back/forward is not customizable: but it's 3 sec and that makes it usable. just like for foobar, a good option to use is 'always on top'. – cipricus May 29 '13 at 16:08

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