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Often times I find that there's a lot of useless space on a window I have open that I wish I could use for monitoring something else (for example, watching the progress of a script in terminal). Is there any way I can lock a window to the foreground without it necessarily having focus? As an example, if I have two windows, A and B, and I want to watch B while editing A, I want to:

  • Be able to move and resize B
  • Have B cover A
  • Enter text and click in A, without A covering B
  • Be able to toggle whether B is locked to the foreground or not.

Is there any way I can do this? I'm currently using mountain lion but if there's a solution in windows 7 that'd be helpful as well.

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The functionality you're looking for is commonly called "Always on Top" in Windows. There are several tools available to make this possible. Here is a quick find: – Oliver Salzburg May 16 '13 at 14:57
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For Windows someone wrote an AutoHotkey script that will do it.

Another Windows option (also created with AutoHotKey) is DesktopCoral which lets you block off a section of your screen so that maximized windows won't cover it.

For OS-X I saw Afloat mentioned several times but some folks seemed to have issues with it.

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