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So I have an expect script like this that works:

spawn scp* .
expect {
password: {send "mypassword"; exp_continue}

Based on the man page for expect, I think I should be able to do this instead from the command line to accomplish the same thing

expect -c "spawn scp* ." -c "expect {password: {send \"mypassword\\r\"; exp_continue}}"

But this returns to the terminal

spawn scp* .'s password: 

and then after a few seconds gives up without an error message and never does anything.


Yes, I'm well aware that I should not do this with scp and should instead use keys.

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I'm not certain, but I suspect the multiple -c arguments are the problem. You can use a here-doc to pass the script on stdin:

expect <<'END'
spawn scp* .
expect {
password: {send "mypassword"; exp_continue}

The single quotes around the first 'END' will quote the whole document.

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i did essentially this, but used echo to pipe into expect instead – G Gordon Worley III May 17 '13 at 14:05

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