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I'd like to change the default font in VIM to Adobe Source Code Pro on a CentOS server (without desktop GUI). I've installed the OTF fonts in the package. How can I have the new monospace font set correctly?

Thank you in advance.

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In console mode, Vim is using the current font of your terminal. So you have to find out on your system, how to modify it.

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As mentioned in another answer, the choice of font in a terminal application is not chosen by vim, but rather the system settings. Assuming you want to change the font for the entire system's consoles, you can take a look at this link from the ArchLinux wiki. While this is specific to ArchLinux, you will find this article (and most of the articles in that wiki) to be informative and applicable to many flavors of GNU/Linux. If you are trying to change the font used by an X windows terminal application, such as gnome-terminal, sakura, or xterm, you will either need to consult that application's documentation or set the X windows terminal font. This link has some details on accomplishing that.

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