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I use vim's :browse oldfiles a lot to edit files I've recently worked with. However, there are some files, such as git's auto-generated COMMIT_EDITMSG, which clutter that list and which I never need to edit explicitly. Is there a way to filter filenames out from being displayed (or, better) saved in that list, perhaps using a regex or similar?

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You can use the (quick) function below to filter out commit messages from the v:oldfiles variable before the actual browsing:

function! CleanBrowse()
    call filter(v:oldfiles, 'v:val !~ "COMMIT_EDITMSG"')
    browse :oldfiles
nnoremap <F6> :call CleanBrowse()<CR>

It doesn't change the content of your ~/.viminfo so it seems to be relatively safe.

More information:

:h :oldfiles
:h v:oldfiles
:h list-functions
:h filter()
:h !~

I don't know of a way to decide what should and what shouldn't be saved in ~/.viminfo but I would be curious to learn.

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That works. Unfortunately it doesn't affect the filelist saved, which means (in my case for example) only 19 entries are shown rather than 20, once COMMIT_EDITMSG is filtered out. But it does clean up the list, thanks. – Andrew Ferrier May 18 '13 at 16:11
You could easily remove the COMMIT_EDITMSG lines from your ~/.viminfo with something like :g/COMMIT_EDITMSG/d but v:oldfiles is defined at startup so you would need to restart Vim each time you do that cleanup. – romainl May 18 '13 at 18:55

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