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I'm starting with GIMP (trying to replace PhotoShop).

In PS I often did the following:

  • Ctrl-Click on a type layer (in layer palette - to select text boundaries
  • Keeping the selection, select another layer and press CTRL-J - new layer is created from the previous (type) selection - on a selected layer (from intersection of type and another layer).

How can I do this in GIMP, please ?

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Depending on your definition of text boundaries, I see 2 options :

If you want to select the actual text bounding box, you can use the Auto-Shrink feature of the Rectangle selection tool, it will fit the tool to the content of the layer.

If you want to select the boundaries of the text layer however, I couldn't find such a feature in vanilla gimp, but it exists in gimp's plugin registry : Layer to Selection

Drop the script in your script folder (Edit > Preferences > Folders > Script), update the scripts (Filters > Script-fu > Refresh scripts) or restart gimp and find the new Layer to Selection option in the Select menu.

Hope that helps :)

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