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I have a spreadsheet and have right clicked on a column header then selected Sort from menu. The dialog box provides an option to extend the selection, which I accept. The problem is that the selection is extended only for first three rows, then seeing a blank row, it ignores the rest of the rows after that.

Any way to alter that behavior .. say .. to actually select all of the data?

I am using Libreoffice

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Using a very standard LibreOffice under Ubuntu 12.04LTS Ctrl+Shift+Down will extend the selection to the next blank row, so repeated depression of the down arrow (while holding down Ctrl and Shift simultaneously) steps down to successive blank rows (or parts thereof) while leaving the top of the selection unchanged.

Tested on a small sample, from Row1, with odd numbers in odd-numbered rows in ColumnA. Also that and with even numbers in even-numbered rows in ColumnC. Also both scenarios tested starting in Row3.

Once selected sorting, ascending or descending, of or on ColumnA or ColumnC works as I expect.

Not tested with OpenOffice (though I would expect the same response with a recent version of that software).

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It seems likely there were no way to do this: the recommended approach is to create a filter to select the blank rows, then delete the blank rows.

I will leave this question open in case someone has a 'real' answer i.e that does not require deleting blank rows.

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It is not possible to select more data after the blank row. The downvote was inappropriate. – javadba May 27 '13 at 4:35
I tried it many times, including after closing/reopening. Have you tried it in your own copy of a spreadsheet? If so then report your steps to make this work - if you do in fact find a resolution the downvote could be justified. – javadba May 29 '13 at 3:44

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