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I am trying to create a virtual magazine line turnjs.com, I Purchesed the commerical version of the library, and all works well when I only have a few pages. But when I try to run the site with book that has 172 images 300 dpi 2550 x 3263 and sized down with CSS IE stops loading the images after about 50.

I though it was a turn.js problem at first, so I stripped out all the turnjs code and wrote a simple js


    for(var i=0;i<ContentArray.length;i++){

        $("#content").append("<img src='" + ContentArray[i] + "' style='width:600px; height:600px'/>");



Content Array is loaded from an ajax call and it just contains the paths to the images. When the code runs it loads the images up until about 50 or so then it just show the red x.

Now My question is, this works in Fire Fox and Chrome but not IE, is there a limit on how many image or better yet the size of the images IE loads. I am only targeting IE9.

Any help would be very greatly appreciated. and I know the Images are rather large, I need them to be this large to allow zooming.

  • Check for new versions of stored pages : automatically
  • Disk space to use: 300 MB
  • Days to keep pages in history: 20

I see where your going with this though I thought it may have been my dev machine, but I have checked these settings and I tested this on two different PC's plus a freshly created windows 7 pro virtual Machine. What I have done is lower the DPI on the images, and it loaded more images, but still not all of them, then I lowered further down to 150 DPI and all of the images loaded, the problem with a dpi so low is the text in the images gets very pixelated, and zooming makes for a very unpleasent experiance.

Does anyone know what the limit on IE is when it comes to large images 300k to 500k in size. The only solution I have seen so far is to require my users to install ChromeFrame.

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Internet Options / General tab / Browsing history / Settings button - What are the cache etc. settings on the 3 tabs? Can you provide screenshots of all 3, and also try fiddling with the settings to see if it makes any difference at all? –  Karan May 21 '13 at 1:37
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