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I am trying to create a split-horizon PPTP setup as described on my website within an LXC container. However, I need a dummy interface within the container to put the DHCP server on.

Here comes the problem: within the container I can't run modprobe dummy to create my dummy interface. (Technically I can if I have the kernel modules installed, but it won't do anything.)

The container itself is a host to more containers, so I'm using the apparmor profile from Stéphane Graber. The operating system on both the host and the guest is a stock Ubuntu 12.04 with all upgrades applied to date.


  • Is there a way to configure the dummy module in any other way besides modprobe?
  • Is it possible to use the dummy module in an LXC guest?
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There is a workaround in the official documentation, however I'm not very satisfied with it. You can use the network type phys to pair up a network interface with a dummy interface on the host side; = phys = up = dummy0 = 4a:49:43:49:79:ff = = 2003:db8:1:0:214:1234:fe0b:3297
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