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I have a database of 1000 users with their name, number, photos, addresses, and other fields, etc. (in RDBMS-like say mysql, PostgreSQL). But I want to implement this mostly in Excel.

So what I want is to create a single slide with all the empty fields for name, number, photos, address, etc. (as a template), then Powerpoint should automatically pick up data entries from the database and put it into the empty fields.

How can I implement that?

Any other alternavtives are acceptable.

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What is the bigger picture? PowerPoint is for supporting a speaker giving a presentation. If you need a database, Powerpoint is not the right tool. If you want to give a presentation, automated slides are not a good idea. Give the audience a paper print-out with the data. – teylyn May 21 '13 at 10:54
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There are a couple of non-free solutions:,*

... but if you don't want to open the chequebook you're either going to have to resort to vba, or maybe do the grunt work in Word - which has database merging capabilities, and then save to ppt(x).

*Disc. I work for neither of these nor do I vouch for their usefulness

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