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How can I type a backtick (`) or tilde (~) using my Italian keyboard on Windows 8?

Right now, I'm using ALT+96. Are there any other key combinations?

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Maybe, I found the solution: You will install this keyboard, then remove any keyboard in control panel except this new keyboard. – riofly May 21 '13 at 15:25
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Maybe, this is the best solution:

Install this keyboard, then remove any keyboard in Control Panel except this new keyboard.
Now you can type these chars:

` (AltGr + ')
~ (AltGr + ì)
À (AltGr + shift + a)
È (AltGr + shift + e)
Ì (AltGr + shift + i)
Ò (AltGr + shift + o)
Ù (AltGr + shift + u)
® (AltGr + r) registered
© (AltGr + c) copyright
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Tilde is Alt+ 126 for normal one (~), Alt+ 152` for small one (˜)

You can find other codes here link

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