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I like to leave my iPad on top of my Stereo and then wander around the house. Usually, a song comes to mind and I'd like to add it to the queue or active playlist. Maybe I'm working on my PC and don't want to get up and interrupt what I'm doing, or I'm cooking and I only have my android phone at hand. Sometimes a cool song starts playing and I want to know the artist / album / song name. Has this happened to you?

If I try logging in from a 2nd device, the 1st device (the one playing the music) automatically stops playing and kills the user session.

Is there any kind of "remote control" for Spotify? A hack / plug-in / complementary app is OK.

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There have been a number of (OS- or device-dependent) solutions to remote-control Spotify devices, which is nicely summarized on this website.

But meanwhile, there is the Spotify Connect functionality available directly from Spotify, which should be the way to go.

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