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I am using vim for coding. When I have something like the following:
SomeModule->actualMethod() if I take the cursor to SomeModule and I do a gf I get a complaint that SomeModule- does not exist in the path.
How can I get rid of the - so that the SomeModule file opens?

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What Vim considers part of a filename is controlled by the 'isfname' option. You need to remove the dash from it for your example to work:

:set isfname-=-

Note that when your SomeModule file has a file extension, you also need to add it to 'suffixesadd'.

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So the =- means that what comes after = is not part of a filename? And if I need to exclude other characters? E.g. a - and a : as not acceptable parts of filename? – user65971 May 21 '13 at 20:20
The -= deletes the following string from isfname. See :help :set-=. If you wish to delete other characters from isfname, be sure to delete them one character at a time. That is, execute :set isfname-=- and :set isfname-=:, not :set isfname-=-:. The last command will work only if -: are present in isfname together and in that order. – garyjohn May 21 '13 at 21:04

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