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Often, I create a sheet with conditional formatting, and set the cell ranges so that the conditional formatting rules are only applied once to a range of cells, e.g.

Make $A$1:$A$30 red and
Make $B$1:$B$30 blue.

After inserting/deleting a number of rows and/or columns the conditional formatting rule set becomes very fragmented, with the same rules repeated for a different ranges. e.g.

Make $A$1:$A$2 red 
Make $A$3:$A$4 red 
Make $A$5:$A$9 red
Make $A$10:$A$20 red 
Make $A$21:$A$30 red
Make $B$1:$B$2 blue 
Make $B$3:$B$4 blue
Make $B$5:$B$9 blue
Make $B$10:$B$20 blue 
Make $B$21:$B$30 blue

Is there a good practice way of preventing this, or am I doomed to cleaning up the rule sets manually when they get too messy?

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Had the same problem when applying conditional format to a column of table. When adding rows, I found it works best to apply the rule to the entire column using $A:$A, or whichever column.

enter image description here

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