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I am thinking of creating the following network with a specific goal. Here is what I want to create

Linux 1 has 2 interfaces eth0 ( eth1(192.168.10.x/24)
Linux 2 has 2 interfaces eth0 ( eth1(192.168.10.x/24)
I also have a switch and would like to connect all these interfaces to the switch. I build 2 vlans in the switch vlan 1 - Vlan to connect management interfaces (port 2,4) vlan 2 - Vlan for traffic (ports 3,5)

Current configuration is follows:
Linux server#1 - eth0 - connected to port 2
Linux server#2 - eth0 - connected to port 4
Linux server#1 - eth1 - connected to port 3
Linux server#2 - eth1 - connected to port 5

The switch is connected to an external gateway which provides the dhcp address I want to send traffic between eth1 interfaces on both linux which have 192.168.10.x IP without disturbing the management traffic and hence I am having this configuration.

Question is: How can I get the 192.168.10.x Ip address ? Should I setup DHCP on one of the Linux boxes ? Is there any flaw in my network ?

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How ever you like.

  • You could statically assign them.
  • You could setup DHCP one of the Linux boxes.
  • You could setup another server to act as a DHCP server on that VLAN.
  • You could setup DHCP relaying on your switch and setup the DHCP that is responsible for the scope as a DHCP server.
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