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I have a private folder on my ReadyNAS. It's not technically a share, since it's the user folder of my ReadyNAS user. In this folder I have about a terabyte of video that I want to move to a share called "Public". If I just "move" the video folder between the two mounted network locations through Windows it's just going to copy the files, which will take ages.

Is there anything I can do to actually move the files just as I would move any file on my local disk? Is it possible to get SSH access to the NAS, for instance?

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Install the add-on Enable Root SSH Access. Connect to the NAS using Putty or any other SSH client with the user name "root" and the same password as the admin user of the control panel. The user homes are located in /c/homes and the shares are under /c. In my case, this did the trick:

mv /c/homes/tomas/Series /c/Public/Series

And voilà, one terabyte of video moved to a different share in under 5 minutes (including the time it took to install the add-on and restart the NAS.)

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