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I need to create dynamically a variable name as follows (simplified example):


SERIES1="a b c d e f g"
SERIES2="h i j k l m n"

# How to get this value contains $SERIES1 or $SERIES2
# depending on the value of $IDX
CURRENT=${SERIES\${IDX}} # doesn't work, just an example

If IDX=1 I'd expect to have


to display

a b c d e f g

and if IDX=2 to display

h i j k l m n

I will need to use it in a loop for an undetermined number of SERIES coming from another script.

EDIT Currently using sh as shell but if needed I can use a different one (even if it means I might need to convert a few things but it's ok)

My question is: How do I assign the desired series to CURRENT

What have I tried? The example above (that doesn't work) and other flavors like:



I am on the way to something:

eval echo $`echo "SERIES$IDX"`

This displays the correct series. However I can't find a way to assign it to CURRENT:

CURRENT=eval echo $`echo "SERIES$IDX"`

But I guess more digging and I'll find something. Any help appreciated though


Ok I found it:


display what I expect, so CURRENT has the right content.

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Thanks to this website (and probably others have similar answer...):


SERIES1="a b c d e f g"
SERIES2="h i j k l m n"


Now CURRENT holds the content of SERIES1. If I change IDX to 2 then I get SERIES2 content.

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This isn't precisely what you want, but if you use bash instead of sh then you can use arrays:

SERIES[1]="a b c d e f g"
SERIES[2]="h i j k l m n"

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Thank you. I'd take it as last option but I found a way in sh – JScoobyCed May 22 '13 at 9:59

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