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My daughter's emachines D620 was recently fitted with a new drive and all software supposedly re-installed by the tech.

Since then, it no longer connects to the internet through my wireless router. (Used to work fine.) The router has a 26-character password and uses AES/WPA2-personal encryption. Windows reports it has connected to the router but is unable to get on the internet.

After much fooling around, I discovered I can connect and get to the internet using a much shorter password. I haven't tried every possible length < 26, so I don't know when the length problem occurs.

Since it used to work, I Assume some piece of software/firmware vanished with the drive replacement. The tech says no and all drivers are supposedly up-to-date, according to the microsoft update program.

Any ideas? I really hate having to use a short password. I have two Macs and two android phones that have no problem connecting to my router with the 26-character password.

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