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I want to generate a preview of multiple TTF fonts without installing them.

Each font should have custom text, and the output should be 1 font per line in a format like JPEG or PDF, so that I could view them all at once.

I am using OS X but if there is a solution under Windows only I would be happy to try.

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You could use ImageMagick, but it doesn't use native text rendering.

i=1; for f in *.ttf; do convert -size x30 -gravity center -font "$f" -pointsize 16 label:"${f##*/}: some text" font_$((i++)).png; done; convert -append font_*.png fonts.png

Or if the fonts have been installed, you could use /Library/Scripts/Font Book/Create Font Sample.scpt or a shell script like this:

preview=$(jot -s '' -c 89 33)

for font in Times Helvetica; do
    out+="<tr style=\"font-family:'$font'\"><td>$font</td><td>$preview</td></tr>

echo "$out" > /tmp/fonts.html
open /tmp/fonts.html
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