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I have a script on a remote server that creates a log each day with the date on the name and need to import it to my local machine everyday, but with my script it transfers all the files and I just want the file of the day.

Remote script that generates the file:

day=`date +%Y_%m_%d`


. >> $file

Local script to get the files:

day=`date +%Y_%m_%d`


scp user@remote.ip:$report\/$file /path/of/local/

Today date is 2013_05_23 and this is what i get:

daily_2013_05_22 100%********************************|  1784       00:00

daily_2013_05_23 100%********************************|  1784       00:00

It should return only the file with the 2013_05_23 on the name.

Can anyone help?


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Your script looks ok to me, except for the \/$file.

Why the backslash? Get rid of it:

scp user@remote.ip:$report/$file /path/of/local/
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