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Two weeks ago I bought a Samsung Exynus 5200 Chromebook. It has 2 GB memory, a 16 GB SSD, an ARM-processor Mali-T 604 and ships with Chrome OS named Snow-Premier GE 8429. I want to work with Linux on it. And I tested several installations of ChromeOS with the possiblity to boot:

  • Ubuntu, placed in 10 Gb of the SSD;
  • Ubuntu placed on a SD-card;
  • Ubuntu places on a usbstick;
  • XFCE with crouton;
  • Unity with crouton.

But I prefer Linuxmint. So my question is: Is there anyone who knows how to install Linuxmint as a dual-boot system with ChromeOS?

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First, welcome to Superuser :). I edited your post slightly -- especially use a blank line before and after the listed points, then it gets displayed as it was intended. –  mpy May 23 '13 at 20:51

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