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I would like to know what the following console message means:

24.05.13 09:26:00,251[1]: (org.samba.nmbd[3502]) Exited with code: 1
24.05.13 09:26:00,251[1]: (org.samba.nmbd) Throttling respawn: Will start in 9 seconds
24.05.13 09:26:07,870[1]: ([3498]) Exited: Killed: 9
24.05.13 09:26:07,000 kernel[0]: memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 3498 [cfprefsd]
24.05.13 09:26:08,635[1]: ([3495]) Exited: Killed: 9
24.05.13 09:26:08,000 kernel[0]: memorystatus_thread: idle exiting pid 3495 [SleepServicesD]
24.05.13 09:26:09,310[1]: (org.samba.nmbd[3504]) Exited with code: 1
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Samba is used to connect to Window network shares. Do you have one connected? If so, then it appears that the daemon is having errors and is killing itself. That may prompt some researching into where your samba daemon is installed and where it can be configured. – msmith81886 Nov 27 '15 at 1:47

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