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I'm trying to manipulate XML data with XMLStarlet for translation purposes as asked in Translate text nodes of GraphML XML (CAS)? but although the nodes I am trying to read are returned, there is whitespace/newlines returned. Sample XML can be found in the other question and the program call is as follows:

xml sel --noblanks --text --template --nl --value-of "//y:NodeLabel" --value-of "//y:EdgeLabel" my.graphml

resulting in

The node's text
          The edge's text

(... represents a blank line)

I would like an explanation of what is happening and whether the result is to be expected or if this is caused by XMLStarlet. A fixed program call would be appreciated, but of course alternative programs or - if neccessary - filtering the blank lines would be acceptable as well (grep/sed/awk, CMD).

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xmlstarlet sel -T -t -v "//node/item" file.xml

and it outputs the content of


as text without additional whitespace.

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I still don't know but I solved the task with Python and lxml, which does not capture whitespace in a node's text member.

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