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I have the same issue as this serverfault question. My question is what does the red cross on the user mean? In my case he is the administrator. How do I remove the red cross. I restarted the computer removed the user and added the user back and the red sign still shows up. I am actually getting an error in my application because of this who does not have proper access to the folder I am trying to access.

enter image description here

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OK this is what I have done so far which kind of fixes the above problem. But my application still has problem.

Go to start, right click on my computer and select manager. In the Computer Management Window, select Local User and Group node on the left side. Select users. Select the user that you are having problem with. Right click and properties. Then uncheck the check mark "Account is disabled".

The above step did not cleanly removed the red check. I also did the same for Aministrator account which also had the check mark. Then I had to restart the computer to see the changes.

While this has remove the red check, I am still having issues with IIS which I guess is a separate issue (but related).

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