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Hardware specs:

  • ACER 5742G (Core i3 380m, optimus with Nvidia GT540M)
  • Replaced primary HDD with Samsung 256GB 830 SSD
  • Replaced CD drive with primary HDD (WD Scorpion Blue, 640GB)
  • Lspci output available here: pastebin


  • Dual booting Windows 8 Pro and Archlinux x64 on the SSD, with GRUB (non-legacy)


As of today, when I boot the laptop instead of getting the generic BIOS screen, I get bright white and grey lines on the screen. My SSD is password protected, and if I pound on the keys enough the prompt to enter my password on the drive shows up, I can enter my password (but the screen doesn't update as I enter characters like it normally does). When I get to the OS, the screen flickers briefly and then eventually stops and then behaves normally with no issues.

In a similar vein of weird, during this process there is significant backlight bleed: when the white and grey lines go away and the password prompt shows up, there is a ton of backlight bleed in the bottom left hand corner, that then spreads to the rest of the screen slowly.

I have also noticed that the BIOS has been booting much more slowly lately than usually, may or may not be related.

What I have tried:

  • Battery pull
  • Reboot

Additional thoughts

Probably a hardware issue, since it happens right when I start up the computer (no software loaded yet). Appears to post properly, so may be graphics related.

Any ideas on where to go from here? I'm a little confused since once fully booted in the OS it behaves completely fine...

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You may want to run a mem test just to eliminate or confirm that as a suspect even though everything seems to be running well now. – Carl B May 24 '13 at 16:20

Reset my BIOS settings, issue appears to have disappeared (hit "F2" on the white and grey screen).

Not sure if issue will crop up again, I have no idea what caused it.

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