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Running dhclient gets me an IPv4 address.

Running dhclient -6 gets me an IPv6 address.

And the man page says you can't combine v4 and v6. So how to get both v4 and v6 addresses at the same time?

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Doesn't your operating system distribution have network startup scripts to handle this for you? – Michael Hampton May 24 '13 at 16:40
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You can issue both commands and have them run concurrently in one line like:

(dhclient &); (dhclient -6 &)

You could then add it to a BASH script or alike, named how you'd like. :)

More info on combining commands in Linux:

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If they can't be combined, you'll have to make two separate calls of dhclient and if you want this to run with one command, you could wrap it in a little shell-script. You can find infos on Bash-scripting here.

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