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I've installed Raindrop on Win7 and it's running - the problem is I cannot get it to load my .raindrop configuration file to get my account information. I think I'm placing the .raindrop file in the wrong place, but the documentation isn't spelling it out quite clearly enough for my old brain. Here's what it says: want to use in raindrop via a .raindrop file:

configure raindrop by editing ~/.raindrop

I've set up my .raindrop file (there wasn't one anywhere I could find in the installation dir). In windows, the only way I know to name a file without an extension is to ALT+255 the file name - could that be causing the problem?

Anyone know what directory the ~ above is referring to?

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voting to close- i was thinking it would be programming related since I plan to play with the source but the question itself isn't. – Chuck Oct 23 '09 at 17:43

~ is the users home directory. On windows 7 (provided everything is working) it should be C:\Users\username

You can save a file without the annoyances by using quotes in the save as dialog (on notepad at least). For instance ".raindrop".

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Found the solution. The .raindrop file needed to be placed in my home dir (I know, stupid windows user).

The code was that was looking for it:

filename = [os.path.expanduser('~/.raindrop')]
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