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Is it possible to synchronize podcasts with Rhythmbox to an iPod? If not, is there another application in Ubuntu that can do it?

By synchronizing podcasts I mean doing the same thing iTunes does. Putting the newer ones on the device, and then removing them as they are listened.

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the best app for podcats in ubuntu that i found was gpodder It has a sync to device that suports IPOD, and also you can upload your subscriptions to the online account to keep your list synced across computers

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I think the answer is no. There is an open request to have a plugin that does this added to Rhythmbox. I know the older 1.4 version of Amarok did this, but the KDE4 version of it has changed a lot & I just don't know if it's supported in the 2.x version. Amarok is currently at 2.2. It is planned to be the default audio player in Karmic's version of Kubuntu.

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Sure Rhythmbox will do it without any hickup as well as many other Linux Music Jukeboxes like Banshee.

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Well, how does it do? How do you subscribe to a podcast with it and how do you tell it to copy the new unlistened episodes t an iPod? – Pablo Jan 13 '10 at 4:00

Not exactly the best alternative but you should be able to install itunes on top of linux using wine.

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