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How can I open the iOS simulators, that come with the latest XCode, in OSX Mountain Lion?

I can't find the applications in Spotlight search nor in the XCode top-menu-bar.

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Most of the other supporting developer apps are now included inside the bundle.


Which is also symlinked here:

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In Xcode, select Xcode » Open Developer Tool » iOS Simulator from the menu bar.

Unless you have a launcher like Alfred, Quicksilver, or LaunchBar, this is probably the easiest way to launch any developer tool bundled with Xcode.

Unlike some other IDEs, Xcode is pretty lightweight and opens quickly if no project is open, so this is a practical solution even if Xcode isn't already running.

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First you should check in:

Preferences > Downloads > Components

Make sure that it is downloaded and installed here.

Then check again, as NReilingh said the directories are:-


symlinked here:


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