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i've found emacs extremely powerful and vim very convenient in navigation but i am not so adapted to vim's model editing idea. so i sticked to emacs but i still want to mimic some of the navigation commands in vim e.g., here is the commands that emacs does not have but. note: WORD means word by space or delimiters ")", "\")

copy (not kill) region
copy (not kill) rectangle

copy/kill word/WORD forward/backward 

capitalize the head_char/word/WORD/region

these can be done in vim so easily by ciw, diw, caw, daw, c(w .... rather than writing myself, i just wonder if there has available scripts that i can copy and paste to my own init.el?? i dont mind to stretch my pinky anyway.. thanks alot!

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I think what you want is viper, M-x viper-mode. It gives you full vi-style navigation in emacs.

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i dont want the model edit feature.... viper-mode is virtually vim... – shelper May 25 '13 at 13:57

If you prefer VIM navigation then check out Evil:

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