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I am using a Huawei E3131b 3G dongle to connect to internet. I'm having troubles setting up DNS servers that persist across reboots.

Manually specified DNS servers are not used at all if I use the bundled application that came with the dongle to connect to internet (which identifies the dongle as a modem and connects as a virtual ethernet adapter.)

However if I use windows 7's inbuilt software tools (which identifies the dongle as mobile broadband) then I can use other DNS servers apart from the ones allotted by the ISP. I can go and change them in the IPv4 settings. But there's a catch here. These dns settings do not persist across reboots or if the dongle is plugged out and then re-plugged. I've to change the DNS manually every time this happens.

So I was wondering if there was a method or a software that will "lock" my dns entries and save them across reboots or if there is a way to set a system-wide dns address so that only specific dns servers are always queried from my laptop irrespective of the adapter or the network interface i'm using to connect to the internet?

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Connect the dongle (imp), do not dial.

Go to Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network Connections

Select Local Area Connection 3 (or whichever has a Max suffix). If the dongle is not connected, it will be one less, and hence invalid.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 → Properties

Specify the desired DNS.

enter image description here

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