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I have a machine with only sftp access. No ssh, no shell, no rsync. When I get a file using /usr/bin/sftp, can I make it resume an aborted transfer?

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I use lftp to auto sync all my photos from my NAS to my cheap webserver. If ever a photo changes it will automatically update it.


lftp -u username,password << EOF
mirror -R -n -I *.jpg -I *.JPG -X @eaDir/ -X Collage/ -X ‘whatever/’ -X .piccache/ -X .recent/ -X Originals/ -X *.Db $SOURCE $BACKUPDIR
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Yup, a few minutes after I posted the question, I also found out about lftp, and I love it! – Arne May 26 '13 at 17:11

I just found the lftp program, and it supports get -c for resuming a download. If sftp can't do that, I think I'll stick with lftp.

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