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I just installed Ubuntu Server and is typical of Ubuntu Installs (for me anyway) I'm lost. With the Desktop version I can never figure out the sudoers file and wheel group through SELinux, but this time I installed the Server edition 12.4 LTS. I have no GUI and have decided I'm gonna have to work at the command line to learn how to use this because startx (usually used for a GUI in Linux distributions) is just starting the X Org Server. My problem could like in the default runlevel, but I've skipped checking that for now because I'm more curious about the shopt command. I get a list of settings that are turned off and while I'm a minimalist, I'm a maximizing minimalist and I want these options on. Can anyone tell me how I can turn on the settings in this list that I get from the shopt command?

enter image description here

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It... doesn't sound like you should really be using the server edition... – evilsoup May 27 '13 at 0:45

The last line is the only part of your "question" that looks like a question, so I will answer that.

You can enable a shopt option for bash with the following command shop -s OPTION where 'OPTION' is the option you wish to enable.

Please read the man page for shopt...

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thankyou so much, I do ramble. English isn't my stronger trait. that's obnoxiousness! – Andres V Meza III May 27 '13 at 0:35

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