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I want to edit the screen which is displayed when windows 8 (starts) loads (/loading).

As for now it has the Toshiba logo, I want my custom logo or the windows default logo.

I have found that UEFI has something called "Boot Graphics Resource Table" and that it overides the default logo if there is a image present (source)

How can I edit the logo stored in UEFI firmware or Boot Graphics Resource Table?

if it's in the "bootres.dll", which does UEFI use? My disk (spread across a few system/usefi/windows/etc partitions) has around twenty bootres.dlls.

The bootres.dll is signed by Microsoft, but I don't have to worry because I can sign the file I edit myself with my own certificate.

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"... with my own certificate" - And will such a self-signed bootres.dll be accepted by the OS? – Karan May 27 '13 at 2:45
my certificate is added to the root store, so it should, just like my own drivers are already accepted. – user144773 May 27 '13 at 2:51

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According to a topic on, this tool allows you to edit the picture for Intel motherboards:

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seems intel doesn't support my mobo/bios? : / TOSHIBA QFKAA bios version 6.4 – user144773 May 27 '13 at 7:56
I have no idea, I've never tried the tool. – magicandre1981 May 27 '13 at 17:16

If you want to change your win8 logo, Google 8oot. It works and you just need an image and it will do the rest! Works on every pc with win8 and win8.1

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8oot is not a spelling mistake, it's the actual name of the software – Mrfunny744 Apr 4 at 15:27

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