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i have a table in excel with data in this format (with alot more data):

date source data1 data2
1.2.3   1   767     888
1.2.3   2   543     444
2.2.3   1   557     333 
2.2.3   3   576     777

It is a few thousand lines of data and 6 sources, a different number of dates with data for every source. I need to use some sort of excel magic to arrange the data like this:

date source data1 data2  source data1 data2  source . . .
1.2.3   1   767     888     2   543     444     3
2.2.3   1   557     333  

So that the sources come after eatchother horizontally and arranged by date. Any ideas on how i could rearrange and sort the data like that?

Thank you for the help!

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That's a pretty small data sample and I have a hunch that it will not cover all the possible twists and turns in your data. If your source data is laid out like you describe, you can quickly create a table similar to your desired result with a pivot table.

To get started with pivot tables, take a look at this intro tutorial

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