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I have been given a friends laptop who tried to re-partition the hard drive while reinstalling Windows XP. The problem is the way to drives were partitioned.

The C:\ is the (System) partition and is 100 MB

The D:\ is the (Boot) partition and contains the remainder of the drive space.

The problem is I can not alter the sizes of the partitions system or boot volumes so I am stuck. I tried reinstalling from the CD but there is not enough space on the C: drive to perform the initial setup so I get a BSOD before the partitioning utility loads.

This laptop does not have a floppy disk drive so I can't use a boot disk.

How do I change the partitions?

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I would like to suggest Making the Ultimate Book CD (Free) and comes with many tools that will help. Especially what you are looking for is a partition utility. Fdisk I believe is the particular tool you will be using to redo your partitions. Another option is also to use a linux live CD, and use gparted. Either way, you can delete all partitions and then create just one large partition to put the Windows install on.

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As an alternative to Ultimate Boot CD, you can also use Parted Magic, a Linux based LiveCD that is aimed essentially at thik kind of jobs.

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