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I need to substitute non-English characters in French words to the closest English charachers. For example: "Combien ça coûte" Becomes "Combien ca coute"

I also need to remove some punctuation. Is there a way to do that without using nested SUBSTITUTE function or adding a dozen of extra columns?


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This works for me:

=SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(yourcell; CAR(x1); CAR(x2)); CAR(y); CAR(y1))

2 substitutions

=SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE((yourcell; CAR(x1); CAR(x2)); CAR(y); CAR(y1)); CAR(z1); CAR(z2))

3 substitutions

In your example, for replacing ç with c , and û with u

=SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(yourcell; CAR(231); CAR(99)); CAR(251); CAR(117))

To find the code of any letter, simply use UNICODE function, for example:


returns 231.

If you want to remove punctuation using substitute use this syntax (let's replace dots with nothing):

=SUBSTITUTE(yourcell; CAR(46); "") 
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So, for 10 non-English characters I would need 10 nested SUBSTITUTE() calls? As I stated in the question, that's exactly what I was trying to avoid. Sorry if I missed something in your response. – user1566515 Sep 16 '13 at 19:52

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