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I would like to download a directory from webpage. i am trying to do using wget and crawl but i am not able to download the whole directory as it was there in web-page or in any-other way. suppose the web-page is inside A there is information relevant that start with A. my target is to download what ever the file is there in A i.e recursively downloading all the subfolder in A if available.

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If all the documents are accessible via plain HTML links, then the following should work:

wget -np -r -l0

This is assuming that A is a directory; if it is not, then you should omit the trailing slash and accept downloading everything in bbb instead.

-np omits parent directories. -r toggles recursive downloads, and -l0 selects infinite download depth. The latter is of course risky in case there are infinite symlink loops or similar constructs. So it might be safer to plug in a reasonable estimate of the maximal link chain needed to reach all desired documents. I often use -l5 myself.

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