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I want to add more than 10 entries to the Filezilla Quickconnect List. The 11th FTP host is going to be deleted if I connect to a new one.

Is there any way that every host I connect to can go in this list?

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No, the limit of 10 entries is hard-coded.

Of course, FileZilla in open-source, so you can fork it and lift the limit. See recentserverlist.cpp:

if (!GetServer(pServer, server) || m_mostRecentServers.size() >= 10)
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Yeah, worked :) but you need also to edit this file: if (m_mostRecentServers.size() > 10) – someName May 31 '13 at 10:32
Glad, it worked for you. Please consider accepting my answer :) – Martin Prikryl May 31 '13 at 13:40

Why don't you use the Site Manager at all?

You connect to any site using the Quick Connect Bar. You then use File (menubar) then Copy current connection to Site Manager…. You have the benefit of being able to create per-site bookmarks (see Bookmarks in menubar) and you can sort/group your sites in any way you like.

In Edit (menubar) then Settings… page Interface you can tick Show the Site Manager on startup if you like. The first icon in the toolbar is the Site Manager as well. The arrow next to it or on Linux a simple right-click opens the list of available sites as well.

You can even export your Site Manager items and backup them somewhere.

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