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When I have accepted someone's request to share their screen with me using Lync 2013, it displays their screen in the staging area as you would expect.

How can I use Lync 2013 to save the screen sharing session for future reference?

After some research, it appears that Peer to Peer recording must be enabled for this to work at all.

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The record button is hidden behind some ellipses (...).

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To call someone and record the session, highlight the person you want to call, then hit the cog and do meet now. This is like a conference call. If you just want to record yourself, then just call yourself.

enter image description here

and then press the ... and Start Recording

enter image description here

Don't forget to Stop Recording when you're done

and set screen recording to High Def before you do your recordings

enter image description here

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Actually usually is not easy as the answer...

Check this blog: To understand the process that even require some changes on the Lync Server

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