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I'm on Windows 7 and have a number of .tar files with the following names:


The tar files contain a large backup directory which is broken up into chunks of 250MBs each. What is the simplest way of uncompressing them all into one directory? If I uncompress them individually I end up with multiple directories each with a section of a file which causes errors.

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cat them together with a wildcard, then pipe that into tar, telling it read from stdin. For example, with the GNU tar:

cat something.tar-* | tar -xf -
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Get UnxUtils or GnuWin which both contain a tar.exe. Then open a command prompt and run

cat .tar-aa .tar-bb .tar-cc | tar xf - 
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I'm not sure of your environment, but I'll assume you have cat if you also have tar:

cat largebackupdirectory.tar* | tar -xf -

Edit: This will cat every tar file that has been broken up and pipe the output as a file into tar -xf, which extracts the tar files.

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Explain your command for those who do not just want to enter in a command unknowingly. – Will.Beninger May 29 '13 at 16:27

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