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I'm using Windows 7 OS on my PC.

I want to know that will my PC hardware malfunction/fail if run Win7 on it without installing any of the provided device drivers(factory setup) in it.

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If there's no device driver, then that piece of hardware will not be used by the OS. Peripherals are typically designed to be quiescent when powered up and reset. If the HW "malfunctions" then it is indeterminate what will happen. The PC should not be damaged just because there are missing drivers. – sawdust May 29 '13 at 20:18

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your hardware will not work at all without SOME device driver installed, but many devices work fine with generic drivers bundled in windows, or available from windows update. So, if you install a device and its working, its because windows installed a generic driver for you automatically.

many of the drivers shipped with windows are perfectly functional for devices of their type, but there are some devices you want to get the manufacturers driver for, like Video cards.

without knowing more about your situation, its impossible to completely answer your question, so you need to test and see what works and what (if anything) doesn't to determine whether stock drivers are fine or you need the manufacturers driver.

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The computer will still boot up, but the devices that lack drivers will most likely not function at all. When you say malfunction, what do you mean? Not work, spit fire, burn down the case??

It also depends on the device. Things such as graphics cards will work, though in a degraded form. Things such as SCSI/SATA controllers may or may not work properly. It really just depends on the type of device. As far a physical damage, there isn't much danger at all.

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