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In attempt to block the certain countries from hitting my personal computer, I have made a big mistake of adding thousands of block rules in the Windows Firewall. I got the script from

Now, my PC is taking forever to boot up, it hangs up on Welcome screen. I am able to boot Windows in a SafeMode (without networking enabled), but then I can not access Firewall service in order to delete these rules.

Any suggestion on how to reset Windows Firewall rules from SafeMode?

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Perhaps those Chinese hackers got to you first!

Or try this:

Stop the Firewall (if it isnt):

  • Click on Start menu, and select Control Panel.
  • Select Administrative Tools
  • Double-click Services option
  • In Services console, find and right-click Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
  • Select Properties
  • Select Disabled from the Startup type list
  • Click Stop
  • Select Apply to confirm changes.
  • Click OK to exit the dialog box

On to Removing all Windows firewall files and registry entries

  • Click on Start, then Run
  • Type cmd, then press Ok
  • Type the following command sc delete SharedAccess
  • Wait for about ~10 seconds for the command to complete

Reinstalling the Windows Firewall Service

Note: if the installer services fails, reboot into normal mode and try these steps again

  • Open another command prompt, or use the one already opened in the preceding steps.
  • Type the following command in full in the command prompt, and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. rundll32 setupapi,InstallHinfSection Ndi-Steelhead 132 netrass.inf
  • Wait for ~10 seconds for the command to complete.
  • Next, to reset Windows Firewall, type the following command in full in the command prompt, and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. netsh firewall reset
  • Close the Command Prompt, and open the Control Panel
  • Double-click the Windows Firewall option.
  • Click Yes when prompted by a message asking you if you want to start the Windows Firewall/Internet Connection sharing (ICS) service.

This should fix your Windows Firewall Problem, but if it doesn’t, you may try performing a System Restore, or re-installing the version of Windows Service Pack problem on your computer.

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