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I am having an issue getting any mirror driver to work properly on my computer. I always seem to get the same issue no matter which driver I user. I have tried the Mirror Driver in UltraVNC and Also the DemoForge Mirage Driver that is included in TightVNC.

These are the issues I seem to receive- this this the issue from DemoForge Mirage. The error from the other drivers are essentially the same just maybe worded slightly different:

Could not create device driver context!
Unable to map memory for mirror driver!

Considering this is happening with all mirror drivers I am thinking maybe it is an issue with my graphics card or Intel HD graphics.

My display adapters are:

Nvidia GeForce GT525M
Intel HD Graphics 3000

Can anyone tell me what the problem could be and how to fix it?

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I hope that you are using a 64-bit signed version of the mirror driver, otherwise there is no way that the driver can work on Windows 7 x64. If the driver is 32-bit, you are lucky to even still be able to boot Windows.

In any case, here is a quote from DemoForge Mirage Driver and TightVNC 2.0: How to use?

There are two major problems with DFMirage:

  1. It's a third-party driver, we do not own its code, we do not control its development and its license is not suitable for us. It's just not quite compatible with development and business models of our company.

  2. Its future is indefinite. Windows Vista and Windows 7 seem to migrate to new rendering architecture which is not compatible with mirror drivers. It's not clear if it's worth to invest in a technology that may become obsolete in next versions of Windows.

I'd like to thank DFMirage developers, they've made a great work on the driver and helped the TightVNC project a lot by providing DFMirage to TightVNC users. However, we are not sure yet if it can be accepted for TightVNC 2.0.

I think we'll be able to make TightVNC version 2 very efficient even without the driver. Note that TightVNC 2.0 easily shares an Aero desktop which is absolutely impossible while using mirror drivers.

Note that this issue is still under consideration, we have not made a final decision yet.

This seems to say that there is a general problem with using mirror drivers on later versions of Windows, so the problem may simply be that the DemoForge Mirage Driver is now incompatible with Windows.

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